Graduate Students
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Opportunity Text: 

To apply online, please visit the link supplied. Internship Description: Using data science skills, help researchers extract information from wind tunnel test data from propulsion tests. Description: Comparisons of turbofan model aerodynamic performance across the range of models tested will provide answers of current interest. Example questions: What is the range of speed and power absorbed by the fan models (for use in sizing future test rigs)? Is it possible to extract the bypass duct acoustic liner drag, and how is it correlated with the fan model type? Specific Student(s) Assignment: Coordinate with the Scientific Computing and Visualization Team to develop, and extend data analysis tools. Coordinate with the Acoustics Branch researchers to identify and perform analyses on the data. Provide feedback on the tools and suggest and/or implement improved capabilities. Create training module on the application of the developed tool.