Graduate Students
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
GLK 113
Opportunity Text: 

All graduate students are invited to attend the Winter 2017 Math professional development night, Wed Feb 15 at 5:00-7:00pm, GLK 113. Please register at so we can plan better.

The event will include short presentations on professional materials required when applying for various mathematics careers (teaching in colleges, research/teaching positions, industry, labs, and other). Break-out sessions with faculty and alumni volunteers who have experience relevant to these careers and can provide constructive comments from the "other side" are also planned. Refreshments will be served. Come to get input on your CV, teaching statements, research statements, before the job application deadlines kick in! (Bring your materials, and ask to schedule a mock interview). We will also discuss pro-active strategies that can help students develop their skills and improve their standing on the job market. In other words, for those who are not graduating soon, we will discuss "what you can do to improve your professional preparation" by participating in conferences, summer schools, professional programs, and how to find summer employment.