Graduate Students
Saturday, April 1, 2017
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Modern Advances in Computational and Applied Mathematics: a workshop in honor of the birthdays of Charlie Epstein and Leslie Greengard: June 9-10, 2017, Yale University, New Haven, CT. This two-day workshop will feature ten speakers that celebrate the far-reaching impact in applied mathematics of the work of both Charlie Epstein and Leslie Greengard, which includes fast algorithms, PDEs and integral equations, medical imaging, numerical analysis, population genetics, and data analysis. There will be poster sessions, a banquet, and plenty of informal interaction time. The deadline for application for support (April 1) is soon, and timely hotel booking is recommended for the upcoming workshop. Students and early-career researchers are encouraged to apply to receive full travel/accommodation support by the April 1 deadline, using this website. (We will then notify those receiving support on April 15.) Hotel booking is also now also recommended. Please go the "Travel & Accommodations" tab on the website to access the discounted hotel block. Registration is at: