Graduate Students
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Opportunity Text: 

For the purposes of the Fulbright Scholar Program, an applicant is eligible for postdoctoral awards if they will finish all of the requirements for their Ph.D. program by February 1, 2018, or have received their Ph.D. in the last five years (unless otherwise stipulated by an award description). Below is a list of awards open only to early career/postdoctoral candidates, meaning that applicants will be evaluated alongside fellow recent graduates.

Australia: Australia offers three Postdoctoral awards, one hosted at Deakin University and one hosted at the University of Newcastle.
Chile: Fulbright Astronomy and Antarctic Studies Award: This award will fund postdoctoral/early career astronomers and data scientists at universities or the Chilean Antarctic Institute.
China: China Studies Postdoctoral Scholar Award: Early career applicants from any discipline may apply - particularly welcome are experts on global climate change, sustainability, and the environment.
France: Fulbright-EHESS Post-Doctoral Award (Junior Research): Located in Paris, this prestigious institution offers an opportunity to conduct research in several disciplines.
Italy: Fulbright-Schuman Postdoctoral Award at the European University Institute: The grantee will focus on developing professional skills such as teaching, academic writing and publishing and job market presentation within the field of EU studies.
Mexico: Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar Award: Applicants are welcome in all disciplines for this three to 10-month grant; STEM applicants are especially encouraged to consider applying.
Taiwan: Arts, Education, Humanities, Professional Fields and Social Sciences (Postdoctoral Scholar Award): This award is open to any research subject from Cross-Strait studies to marine sciences.

For eligibility factors, detailed application guidelines and review criteria, please visit our website. Applicants may also wish to join My Fulbright, a resource center for applicants interested in the program. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and the current competition will close on August 1, 2017. Start an application today!