Young mathematicians from across the state participated in the 37th Annual Oregon Invitational Math Tournament (OIMT) at OSU on Saturday, May 13th. The OIMT has been held annually by the math departments of Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and Portland State University (and in previous years, Willamette University) for the past 37 years. Students are invited to the Tournament based upon their performances at Regionals held at community colleges across the state. Students may also be invited due to exceptional scores on the AMC-10 and AMC-12 exams.

Coordinators Raven Dean and Katy Williams, along with the help of many math faculty and graduate student volunteers, made the event a resounding success. The statewide competition for top regional scoring high school math students included a 60-90 minute written exam and a team problem solving event. Winners in each category are listed below.


  • 1st - Apollo Heo, Cheldelin MS/ Crescent Valley HS
  • 2nd - Gabriel LaChapelle, West Albany HS
  • 3rd - Jasper Reinalda, Corvallis HS
  • 4th - Mia Rollins, Ashland HS

Honorable Mention:

  • Milo Bertrand, Ashland High School
  • Riley Cameron, Astoria High School
  • Alexander Ourant, Ashland High School
  • Max Peacor, Sheldon High School
  • Alyssa Sun, Inza Wood MS 
  • Isaac Vasquez, Sheldon HS
  • Jane Zhou, Hosanna Christian


  • 1st - Arushi Mantri, Stroller MS/HS
  • 2nd - Leo Sun, Crescent Valley HS
  • 3rd - Tianqi Wang, Blanchet Catholic HS
  • 4th - Jane Chen, Oregon Episcopal HS

Honorable Mention:

  • Geordyn Allyn, Early College HS
  • Andy Carter, Thurston HS
  • Daisy Chen, Oregon Episcopal HS 
  • Nate Hicken, Valley Catholic HS
  • Qijia (Jerry) Hu, Valley Catholic HS
  • Gabe Peery, Hosanna Christian

Open I:

  • 1st - Wenjun Hou, Stoller MS/Westview HS
  • 2nd - Preston Bushnell, ACCESS Academy
  • 3rd - Russell Chai, Sunset HS
  • 4th - Julian Rice, Ashland HS

Honorable Mention:

  • Lucas Braun, Southridge
  • Thomas Chen, Westview HS
  • Charisse Hung, Cleveland HS
  • Jeffrey Lin, Valley Catholic HS
  • Ying (Marina) Qian, St. Mary’s HS
  • Peter Zhu, St. Mary’s HS 

Open II:

  • 1st - Rupert Li, Jesuit High School
  • 2nd - Alec Leng, Lincoln High School
  • 3rd - Andres Olsen, Lincoln High School
  • 4th - Raymond Liu, Crescent Valley HS

Honorable Mention:

  • Dominic Debettencourt, Jesuit High School
  • Jonathan Guo, Westview High School
  • Mathus Leungpathomaram, Catlin Gabel High School
  • Ke Shen, Sunset High School
  • Chandler Watson, Oregon Episcopal School
  • Marshal Xu, Lincoln High School

Team Problem Solving: Geometry/Algebra Division

First Place:

  • Dylan Cox, Corvallis HS
  • Caleb Meyers, Mountain View HS
  • Grace Miedziak, Summit HS
  • Isaac Vasquez, Sheldon HS

Honorable Mention:

  • Milo Bertrand, Ashland HS
  • Riley Cameron, Astoria HS
  • Arushi Mantri, Stoller MS/HS
  • Sofia Pardo, Ridgeview HS
  • Jasper Reinalda, Corvallis HS

Team Problem Solving: Open I/Open II Division

First Place:

  • WenjunHou, Stroller MS/HS
  • Alec Leng, Lincoln HS
  • Declan Sleator, Lincoln HS
  • Seth Talynasky, Catlin Cabel HS
  • Xingruozhi Xu, Bonanza HS

Honorable Mention:

  • Evan Begg, North Medford HS
  • Erin Campbell, La Grande HS
  • Chassidy Mofsinger, Neah-Kah-Nie
  • Yian Ann Xu, Valley Catholic HS
  • Preston Bushnell, ACCESS Academy
  • Tom Cello, Burnt River HS
  • Lang Ming, Lincoln HS
  • Ian Spangle, Marist HS
  • Jonathon Tran, Westview HS