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Postdoctoral Scholar
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KIDD 312
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Spring 2018, Tuesdays, Thursdays 12-1:00 or by appointment


Ph.D. Ohio State University (2016)
B.S. Moscow State University


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Geometric Group Theory
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My research interest is geometric group theory, which is an interaction between algebra, topology and geometry. One of the topics in GGT is studying abstract groups using geometric and topological techniques. The common theme in this topic is that to study a group we find and study nice spaces on which the group acts. Examples of groups I am interested in are CAT(0) groups, hyperbolic groups, relatively hyperbolic groups, Coxeter groups and Artin groups. Currently, I am working on the problem of action dimension of some certain complex of groups (the action dimension of a group is the minimal dimension of a contractible manifold on which the group acts properly discontinuously).

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