1. Welcome all in 2017-18 and in particular to the incoming first-year class of 2017-18! This is a large dynamic cohort of 20 with undergraduate and Masters degrees from various universities from across the US and from abroad, with diverse core mathematics and interdisciplinary interests. The cohort includes Graduate School Marshall awardee Michael Lopez, ARCS scholarship awardee Martijn Oostrom, and Graduate Laurels Block Grant tuition recipient Maria-Inez Carrera. Congratulations!

2. Some reminders about the program logistics and deadlines. If you have not done this yet, please register for Fall courses immediately. The list of graduate courses is at http://math.oregonstate.edu/graduate-courses and is being continuously updated when new information becomes available. (Faculty please send updates to Crystal when available).

3. Mathematics graduate students should file their course plans with Graduate Coordinator, Ms Crystal Laine, in Kidd 368, by Thursday September 28. You can find the form for 2017-18 here https://math.oregonstate.edu/sites/math.oregonstate.edu/files/node_files..., and it is accessible also from http://math.oregonstate.edu/grad_resources.

4. There is one change in the program this year, which was approved as Cat II proposal this last summer. The option of MS degree "by exam" no more requires additional core coursework. The change is in the updated graduate handbook which can be found at https://math.oregonstate.edu/graduate-handbook

5. Graduate Committee wants to remind all students and faculty that we proudly post information about your achievements: awards, travel, and publications at https://math.oregonstate.edu/graduate-awards, https://math.oregonstate.edu/graduate-travel, and http://math.oregonstate.edu/graduate-opportunities. If something is missing, please let Graduate Coordinator and/or Graduate Committee know. As of last Spring, we do not maintain any other (shadow) database on these achievements, so this archive is the ultimate source of information.

6. The websites http://math.oregonstate.edu/graduate-opportunities and more broadly https://math.oregonstate.edu/opportunities include a listing of planned events, and external and department/OSU internal opportunities. Reminders about the upcoming deadlines come out in the Newsletter about two weeks before the deadline, so be sure to check the postings ahead of the time.

7. In particular, students are encouraged to consider the MSRI summer schools; see https://math.oregonstate.edu/node/14184 (Department deadline for nominations by advisers only will be accepted by Sunday Nov 12).

8. If this is not enough, please consider G2S3 (Gene Golub SIAM Summer School) in 2018 http://www.siam.org/students/g2s3/index.php on Inverse Problems: Systematic Integration of Data with Models under Uncertainty. (Applications directly to G2S3 by Feb. 1, 2018).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017