Graduate Students
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Salem, Oregon
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Although what we do is all about helping real people—making workplaces safe and helping injured workers heal—there’s math involved in it. This job is about applying math and statistics to derive insight from data. This job requires a blend of math and statistics skills, as well as technical and soft skills. You’ll essentially be responsible for predictive modeling, data analysis, and developing advanced analytic models to be used across the company. You’ll also be responsible for communicating the rationale and the value of the model. You have to be a strong team player and be willing to work in cross-functional teams. Specifically, you’ll identify correlating factors that impact the outcome and can be used to do predictive modeling. You’ll work with your team and other SAIF staff to build the model and integrate it with our systems. You’ll help develop processes to evaluate, assess, and maintain the models on an ongoing basis. And, you’ll estimate the potential impact of different models; compile and analyze data to support analytics models and reports; and use third-party data to improve the accuracy and usefulness of our models. Naturally, you’ll need education and experience in math and statistics. Plus, experience deploying statistical and advanced analytics modeling solutions, and experience using models to influence decisions by extracting and analyzing data. Experience with SQL, SAS, and or R is a plus.
Anticipate business needs and identify new opportunities for addressing those needs via analytics. Evaluate scenarios that guide predictions on future outcomes and enable insightful decisions. Interpret problems and provide solutions using data analysis, data mining, optimization, appropriate testing techniques, and advanced analytics. Coordinate with business partners to provide a reliable, sustainable, secure, and credible analytics environment and toolset. Ensure the effective development, deployment, use, and refinement of analytics tools and models. Assist with harvesting impactful insights and deriving measureable business results from advanced analytic efforts. Estimate the potential impact of different models and the feasibility of integrating them into the current environment. Retrieve, compile, and analyze data from internal and external sources to support analytics models and reports. Identify, integrate, and leverage third party data resources to improve the accuracy and usefulness of models. Explain findings, formulate conclusions, and deliver recommendations for next steps based on model results. Identify and investigate unreasonable results and provide possible solution alternatives. Provide demonstrable evidence of model accuracy including supporting documentation of the underlying analysis. Catalog, extract, graph, and describe data in an effort to identify causal relationships that can be used. Participate in the sharing across business areas of analytic tools, processes, techniques, and best practices.
The following qualifications are recommended:
Five years of experience deploying statistical and advanced analytics modeling solutions into an operations environment, and enhancing decisions by extracting, validating, customizing, and analyzing data using models.
Bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics, physics, or other quantitative field. Other combinations of training and experience demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the work.
This recruitment will close at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 26, 2017.