Graduate Students
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Houston, Texas
Opportunity Text: 

The dynamical systems group here at Houston is organizing a summer school in dynamical systems for graduate students (and a few undergraduates) from May 16-24, 2018. I'm writing to ask if you know of any students at Oregon State who you think might benefit from this school. Complete details and application instructions are on the website at

Most participants at the school will be first- or second-year graduate students, but we will also consider applications from more senior graduate students, and I would like to draw special attention to the fact that we have reserved a number of spots for promising undergraduate students. Undergraduate participants will arrive two days early for some preparatory activities on May 14-15, which will help to reinforce their background knowledge before the school itself begins, and we will have tutorial sessions throughout the school to help them follow along with the mini-courses, which they will attend together with the graduate students.

For an undergraduate student considering graduate studies in dynamics or even in other areas of mathematics, this would be a great chance to experience graduate- and research-level mathematics and to meet graduate students and researchers, so I am especially asking for your help in publicizing this event to students like this, who may not hear of it through other channels.

The structure of the event itself will be similar to the events we have run the past five years, combining short lecture courses with tutorial sessions and student projects. The mini-course topics are as follows:
• Basics of ergodic theory (Alan Haynes and Joanna Furno, UH)
• Dynamical approaches to the spectral theory of operators (David Damanik, Rice)
• Statistical properties in hyperbolic dynamics (Matt Nicol, Will Ott, and Andrew Török, UH)
• Dynamics on homogeneous spaces, with applications to number theory (Seonhee Lim, Seoul National University)
• Statistical mechanics and thermoydnamic formalism (Vaughn Climenhaga, UH)
• Dynamics of quantum spin systems (Anna Vershynina, UH)