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Mathematical Biology Seminar
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:00
GILK 100

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Agrobacteria represent a group of Gram-negative bacteria that have the unusual ability to execute inter-kingdom gene transfer. This process is dependent on oncogenic plasmids and is critical for the bacteria to establish a nutrient-replete niche. This process has also been modified as a biotechnology tool for addressing questions in fundamental plant biology and for adding traits to crop plants. However, few lineages of bacteria and plasmids have been studied and the variation in traits that could affect virulence is poorly understood. To this end, we sequenced the genomes of approximately 150 isolates. The lineages of bacteria and plasmids were categorized. We have also begun phenotyping diverse lineages to gain insights into their variation. Our goal is to develop models to predict competitiveness for access to host tissues to inform on virulence and transmission. My talk will be very informal and consist of data being prepared for publication as well as some preliminary data.