The 33rd Annual Lonseth Lecture took place Thursday, May 3, 2018 in the Learning Innovation Center. This year's lecture was a big success due to the attendance of mathematics students, faculty, and guest speaker Dr. Henri Berestycki. The lecture began with an award ceremony recognizing achievements by undergraduate and graduate students in the mathematics departments. The awards were followed by guest speaker, Professor Henri Berestycki, from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, France. 

Dr. Henri Berestycki gives his presentation "Of Predators and Prey"

In his lecture, Berestycki, talks about the classical Lotka-Volterra model which describes predator-prey interactions, and why it's one of the cornerstones of mathematical ecology. His presentation included an extension of the original Lotka-Volterra system that shows how territories are formed as a result of strong competition between packs of predators.


The Lonseth Lecture has been an ongoing tradition in the Mathematics Department. It was established in 1985 to honor Arvid T. Lonseth, Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Mathematics Department at Oregon State University (Arvid Lonseth and the Lonseth Lecture series). 

Department of Mathematics Awards

The Department of Mathematics awards ceremony gives acknowledgement to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate outstanding work and dedication, and the graduate faculty award recognizes excellence in teaching. 

2018 Joel Davis Award

In recognition of outstanding work in mathematics

  • Dang Dinh

2018 Botond Gabor Eross Math Memorial Scholarship

For excellence in mathematics

  • Andrea Lanz
  • Evan Tufte
  • Catharine Ordway
  • Lucy Huffman
  • Jeremy Lilly

 2018 Edward H. Stockwell Award

For excellence in mathematics

  • Sara Tro
  • Sean Pitman
  • Michael Aimonetto

 2018 Actuarial Science Award

For excellence in mathematics

  • Joel Belsterling
  • Michael Papendieck
  • Benjamin Sharkansky
  • Logan Wooldridge

 2018 Gary L. Musser Award

In recognition of outstanding mathematical achievement for prospective elementary or middle school teacher

  • Melissa Scarborough
  • Marissa Downing

2018 WIC Culture of Writing Award

For outstanding work in mathematical writing

  • Brandon Farmer

 2018 Mathematics Competition: Virginia Tech Regional

 For outstanding work in mathematics

  • Melissa Scarborough

2018 Mathematics Competition: William Lowell Putnam

For outstanding work in mathematics 

  • Patrick Flynn
  • Jesse Johnson
  • Melissa Scarborough

2018 William F. Burger Graduate Teaching Award

For outstanding mathematics teaching

  • Allison Stacey
  • Ricardo Reyes Grimaldo

 2018 Outstanding Performance in Coursework Award

For outstanding work in mathematics

  • Adaline De Chenne
  • Worapan Homsomboon
  • Dionysus Birnbaum
  • Stephen Krughoff
  • Jesse Andrews

2018 Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Qualifying Exams

For excellence in the Mathematics Qualifying Exams

  • Michael Allen
  • Sebastian Naranjo

 2018 Graduate Student Excellence Award

For academic excellence in mathematics

  • Azhar Alhammali
  • Samantha Smith

2018 Graduate Student Faculty Award

For excellence in teaching and mentoring graduate students

  • Prof. Mary Beisiegel


Award Attendees: Christine Escher, Thomas Schmidt, Mina Ossiander, Juha Pohjanpelto, Patrick Donaghue, and Michael Snyder