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Graduate Teaching Assistant
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(541) 737-0517
KIDD 069
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This quarter, I'm holding office hours and tutoring virtually, on the OSU Math Slack channels #mth-256 and #mslc-ask-a-tutor, respectively.

Don't know about the OSU Math Slack channel? Come on by! It's the home of the Virtual MSLC (Math and Stats Learning Center), and there are tutors on hand most of the day, most days! All you have to do is click here: https://osu-mth.slack.com! You can find me in the channel listed on the schedule below, or by messaging me. And of course, e-mail is an option.

Day Time Slack Channel
Wednesday 11am - 12pm Office Hour
Thursday 10am - 12pm Office Hour
Thursday 2pm - 4pm #mslc-ask-a-tutor
Friday 1pm - 2pm #mslc-ask-a-tutor

(Updated April 2, 2021)


Pronouns: He, him


M.S. Mathematics, Western Washington University (2017)
B.S. Mathematics, Western Washington University (2015)


Research Field: 
Number Theory, Modular Forms