Several OSU MATH graduate students and many faculty attended the JMM conference in January. Graduate students representing OSU this year were Sarah Hagen (talk) "A Transition-to-Graduate-School Boot Camp Using Active Learning and Primary Historical Sources," Charles Camacho (talk) "Counting Quasiplatonic Topological Actions of the Cyclic Group on Surfaces," Naveen Somasunderam (talk) "Equidistribution of sequences on the p-adic unit ball, Special Session on Analytic Number Theory," and Allison Arnold-Roksandich (poster) "Establishing Several Infinite Families of Quantum Modular and Mock Modular Forms." (Allison's picture at her poster is in the AWM newsletter!). Zheting Dong also presented. This information along with other graduate travel achievements can be viewed at A big "congratulations" to these students.

Thursday, February 14, 2019