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Mathematics Education Seminar
Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 14:00 to 14:50
Weniger Hall Room 285

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We will discuss the specific questions posed and engaged at the AMS Committee on Education's Guided Discussion at JMM 2019, including the responses of 70 participants in small group discussion there.

Below is the abstract from JMM 2019 for the guided discussion session titled
"Evidence-based teaching: how do we all get there?," organized by David Pengelley, Oregon State University, Dev Sinha, University of Oregon, and Ravi Vakil, Stanford University.

"Compelling reasons and resources are now in place to support shifting our pedagogy toward evidence-based active learning methods that substantially improve student success. These include the recent CBMS Statement on Active Learning, MAA Instructional Practices Guide, and MIT Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar. But implementation is not quick and easy. There are still plenty of obstacles, individual and institutional, along with opportunities. This event will foster small group discussion, and solicit ideas. Issues include graduate student and early career training; developing departmental experts who can lead and mentor; large enrollment courses; an inventory tool of teaching practices for observations and training; program evaluation and deeper, more authentic learning outcomes; programming for department chairs; redesigning the publishing of teaching materials, possibly through new economic models. Audience members should leave better prepared to implement active learning pedagogy themselves and advocate for it in their departments, connect with faculty elsewhere in doing so, and influence national efforts."

In preparation for the seminar, if possible (but not at all required), you may read the JMM discussion questions (and list of resources) in the first document at
https://web.nmsu.edu/~davidp/, and think of some of your own responses.