It is a pleasure to report further intense research activity of Mathematics graduate students; they also received competitive travel support.
Michael Allen and Allison Arnold-Roksandich gave talks at the 33rd Automorphic Forms Workshop, 3/6-3/10 2019, on "Existence of eta-quotients of squarefree levels," and "Establishing Several Infinite Families of Quantum Modular and Mock Modular Forms," . They also received funding by NSF, NSA, and Journal of Number Theory.
Looking forward, Leah Sturman, is attending Spring Opportunities Workshop, American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), San Jose, California, April 15-17, 2019; funding by AIM and NSF. Daniel Erickson, will attend USC Summer School: Fluid Dynamics, May 20-24 2019; funding NSF, USC Math Department, and CAMS.

Thursday, April 11, 2019