The 34th Annual Lonseth Lecture took place on Friday, April 19th. The ceremony featured awards given to undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty. The speaker, Dr. Mai Gehrke, gave a lecture on "Using Abstract Mathematical Structures to Study Algorithmic Complexity Questions," followed by a reception. Congratulations to the following award winners.

Joel Davis Award for Excellence in Mathematics:
Aaliyah Fiala
Benjamin Sharkansky

Botond Gabor Eross math Memorial Scholarship:
Mattia Carbonaro
Michael Kupperman
Anthony Netz

Edward H. Stockwell Award:
Francisco Bolanos
John Meo
Jeremy Shahan
Megan Tucker

Harry and Molly Goheen Memorial Scholarship:
Justin Bloom

Actuarial Science Award:
Andrew Colburn
Sally Fletcher

Gary L. Musser Award:
Camryn Kimberly

WIC Culture of Writing Award:
Sara Tro

William F. Burger Graduate Teaching Award:
Sarah Hagen

Outstanding Performance in Coursework Award:
Michael Allen
Paul Dalenberg
Chung-Ping Lai
Slade Sanderson
Benjamin Toomey
Naren Vohra

Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Qualifying Exams:
Patrick Donaghue
Leah Sturman

Graduate Student Excellence Award:
Naveen Somasunderam

Graduate Faculty Award:
Elaine Cozzi

Joel Davis Faculty Award:
Vrushali Bokil
Nathan Gibson

Mathematics Student Success Award:
Daniel Rockwell

Mathematics Majors Award for Teaching:
Robert Higdon

Wednesday, April 24, 2019