The National Science Foundation awarded a new grant "Modeling with Constraints and Phase Transitions in Porous Media" DMS-1912938 of $224K for 2019-2022 to Malgorzata Peszynska as Principal Investigator.
With her collaborators and students they will develop new mathematical results as well as continue interdisciplinary modeling efforts. The project is motivated by the multiscale dynamics in the Earth's environment which requires further insights into the coupled processes of energy and mass transport across the several interlinked spatial and temporal scales including the pore-scale. The project will address mathematical and computational challenges arising in the models of phase change in porous media such as permafrost, sub-sea sediments, geysers or geothermal reservoirs, and the evolution and migration of the fluids as the phase change occurs in response to the increased temperature or mechanical disturbance.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019