Please join me in congratulating Ruby chick. Ruby has been awarded a fellowship by the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NSF-NRT) program in "Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in Marine Science" program at Oregon State University for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Ruby will be participating in the project on "A Systems-based Understanding of Microplastic Impacts on Ecological and Human Health".  Ruby's masters research is on understanding the endocrine system and its dysfunction in mamals. Within this  NRT project, she will participate in  collaboratively producing a systems based model, with other graduate students, that predicts the most impactful sources of plastic pollution to gain an understanding of biological and ecological systems, and how they influence one another. As part of this NRT Fellowship, Ruby will also be fully funded to participate in a summer internship in industry or a government lab. 

Congratulations Ruby! 


Monday, September 30, 2019