Directions from the Eugene Airport: Exit the airport, turn left on
Greenhill Road. At the end of Greenhill Road, turn right on
Meadowview and in about three blocks
you're at the Junction with Hwy 99. Turn left onto Hwy 99.
At the end of Junction City (a Safeway on your left), the road
splits into a Y. Take Hwy 99W to the left, and this takes you
to Corvallis in about 25 miles. Hwy 99W becomes Third Street
when you cross the bridge over the Marys River. This is a
one-way street that takes you through downtown. Stay in the left
lane and make a left onto Harrison Boulevard, a one-way street.
Continue on Harrison to NW 14th Street, where you should turn left.
Go three blocks to the stoplight, which is Monroe Avenue.
Parking on campus is limited. Continue on 14th Street for two blocks,
then make a right on Jefferson Way. There is metered parking
available in the Memorial Union parking lot, which is about three
blocks along Jefferson Way. Official visitors
to the department can be provided with a temporary parking permit.
Please call Ms. Patty Good at (541)737-5135 for more information
on parking permits. The Main Office of the Mathematics Department
is 368 Kidder Hall.