The Lonseth lecture series was established in 1985 to honor Arvid T. Lonseth,
Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Mathematics Department at Oregon
State University. Professor Lonseth was a superb and devoted scholar and teacher
of mathematics. The lecture series is a continuing testimony to Arvid's
strong interest and commitment to the mathematical education of students, especially
undergraduates. He earned his B.A. in mathematics at Stanford University and
his doctorate under Hans Lewy at the University of California, Berkeley, in
1939. His research was principally in integral equations, the calculus of variations,
and computational methods. He joined the OSU Mathematics Department in 1948
at the invitation of department chair W. E. Milne and was promoted to full
professor three years later. During his tenure as department chair from academic
year 1954-55 to March of 1968, Professor Lonseth set the department firmly
and successfully on its present course: a department with wide expertise, with
a special interest in mathematics of the world around us, and with a dedication
to undergraduate education. He retired in 1978, but his interest in teaching
and learning never waned. Professor Lonseth attended virtually all of the Lonseth
lectures until his death in April 2002. He always viewed video tapes of the
lectures he could not attend due to poor health. These lectures remind us of our debt
to Arvid.