Clay Petsche. Number theory, dynamical systems on varieties and analytic spaces, height functions over local and global fields.

Thomas Schmidt. Number theory, dynamics of continued fractions, Fuchsian groups as related to translation surfaces.

Holly Swisher. Number theory and combinatorics including modular and mock modular forms, partitions, and hypergeometric series.

Graduate students:

Michael Allen
Worapan Homsomboon
Chifan Leung
Chatchai Noytaptim
Peter Oberly
Slade Sanderson
Leah Sturman
Ben Toomey
Mesa Walker
Ayse Yiltekin

Seminars, Upcoming Conferences, and Programs:

Oregon Number Theory Days

OSU Number Theory Seminar

OSU REU Program

Past Conferences:

25th Automorphic Forms Workshop, March 23-26, 2011, Oregon State University

Computational Representation Theory in Number Theory, July 27-31 2015, Oregon State University

2016 Pacific Northwest Number Theory Conference