Thirty-fourth Annual Oregon Invitational Math Tournament 
Saturday, May 17th, 2014
Oregon State University 


See the following link of the American Mathematical Society's website for video and pictures of the Who Wants to be a Mathematician event: and the OSU College of Science blog:

Winners & Honorable Mentions  

(click here for a printable pdf of the results)

Individual Exams:

Open II

  • Top Male Finisher:  Ashwin Sah, Jesuit High School
  • Top Female Finsher:  Swati Garg, Westview High School
  • 2nd place:  Andrew Yang, Westview High School
  • 3rd place:  Andrew Bai, Jesuit High School

Open II Honorable mentions (alphabetically):

  • ZeQing Gao, Valley Catholic School
  • Vikul Gupta, Oregon Episcopal School
  • Anders Olsen, ACCESS Academy
  • Rahghav Prakash, Westview High School
  • Varun Sah, Jesuit High School
  • Priyansh Sharma, Westview High School

Open I

  • Top Male Finisher:  Markab Han, Sunset Middle School
  • Top Female Finsher:  Yiting Zhou, Valley Catholic School
  • 2nd place: Justin Bao, Stoller Middle School
  • 3rd place: Tyler Snook, Valley Catholic School

Open I Honorable mentions (alphabetically):

  • Andrei Blebea, School of Science and Technology
  • Ethan Carrier, Ashland High School
  • Sianna Casey, Roseburg High School
  • Shankar Krishnakumar, Valley Catholick School
  • Jae Park, Oak Hill School
  • Hang Yuan, Hosanna Christian School


  • Top Male Finisher:  James Farlow, North Bend Middle School
  • Top Female Finsher:  Elaine Yang, Stoller Middle School
  • 2nd place: Medha Prakash, Meadow Park Middle School
  • 3rd place:  Dan Felley, La Grande Middle School

Geometry Honorable mentions (alphabetically):

  • Andrew Barton, Corvallis High School
  • Lance Booth, Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences
  • Kevin Coalwell, Roseburg High School
  • Logan Fairman, West Salem High School
  • Aidan Lavelle, Sunset High School
  • Dharma Prime, Marist Catholic High School
  • Hannah Shupe, North Bend High School


  • Top Male Finisher:  Dominic Debettencourt, ACCESS Academy
  • Top Female Finsher:  Lang Ming, Lincoln High School
  • 2nd place: Huy Nguyen, ACCESS Academy
  • 3rd place:  Stuti Garg, Meadow Park Middle School

Algebra Honorable mentions (alphabetically):

  • Miklos Bowling, St. Mary's School
  • John Eisenbacher, Valley Catholic School
  • Joshua He, Stoller Middle School
  • Sargune Kalsi, Meadow Park Middle School
  • Ashok Kaushik, ACCESS Academy
  • Lindsay Popowski, Corvallis High School

Team Problem Solving:

Open II and Open I Team:

  • Logan Fairman, West Salem High School
  • Jessica Giulietti, Sheldon High School  
  • Austin Ketterer, Valley Catholic School
  •  Medha Prakas, Meadow Park Middle School

Geometry & Algebra Team:

  • Enoch Gray, Astoria High School
  • Bhavin Gupta, Oregon Episcopal School  
  • Austin Ketterer, Valley Catholic School
  •  JiSu Lee, Cascades Academy


Please contact the contest registration coordinator Lyn Riverstone at or call 541-737-5170

Parking/Campus Map:

Here is a map that shows where you can park for free, where registration and opening ceremonies will be held, and where you'll go to eat lunch.

OSU Campus Map: 

Check In:

Come first to the foyer of the Women’s Building where registration tables will be set up.

How students are invited:

Students are invited to OIMT based on their performance at the regional contests held at community colleges across the state.

Students may also be invited (or simply register) due to exceptional scores on the AMC-10 and AMC-12 exams.  The qualifying AMC score for OIMT is 90 for both the AMC-10 and AMC-12 exams.

Letters of invitation to the Tournament are given to students during recogintion at the regional contests.  For students with qualifying AMC scores, letters of invitation will be sent to their high schools.


To register for the individual exams and team problem-solving event, please submit the registration form you recieved at the regional contest.  If you lost it, you may print the registration form here.  Please return it, along with your registration fee, by May 5th to the OSU Mathematics Department.


The agenda for May 17 will include one 60-90 minute written exam. Students will register in one of four levels: Geometry, Algebra II, Open I: Precalculus, or Open II: Calculus. This should match the level in which you competed at the regional contest. At any level you can expect some questions using mathematical concepts from across the various branches of mathematics.

Exams will be scored and the top ten students at each level will be recognized in the awards ceremony.

Students will also have the option to participate in a team problem solving event (see below).

We are pleased to welcome the American Mathematical Society to this year's OIMT!  The top 4 OIMT scorers in the Open I and Open II categories will qualify to play an exciting match of the AMS game show, Who Wants to be a Mathematician.  Audience members will enjoy watching the game and playing along with the contestants

Lunch will be included in the $25 registration fee.  Non-participants can purchase lunch and eat with the participants.


Calculators will be allowed on all the exams and on the team event.  Use of laptops, other computers, cell phones, and other electronic communication devices will not be allowed in any of the events.   


7:45-8:30 a.m.

Check-in and pick up packets

8:45-9:15 a.m.

Opening Ceremony

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Exams: Open I and Open II

Team Problem Solving: Algebra and Geometry

11:00-12:00 p.m.

Exams: Algebra and Geometry

Team Problem Solving: Open I and Open II

12:00 -12:45 p.m.


1:00-2:00 p.m.

Games, puzzles, math scavenger hunt

2:00-3:00 p.m.

Who Wants to be a Mathematician Game

3:00 p.m.

Awards Ceremony


Team Event General Description: 

All OIMT participants are expected to take the individual exam in the morning and have the option to participate in the team event in the early afternoon.  Awards will be given for both the individual and team events. 

For the team event, we will assign teams of four randomly created from the pool of students who respond by email below.  There will be two levels for the team event, level A: Precalculus/Calculus and level B: Geometry/Algebra II.  Each level A team will have a mix of students from the Precalculus level and the Calculus level.  Each level B team will have a mix of students from Geometry and Algebra II.

Team Problem Guidelines and Judging Criteria: 

THE PROBLEM will be open ended.  That means there is no one “correct” solution.  While there may be many wrong ways to do it, there are also many “right” ways.  We expect a wide variety of different mathematical strategies to approach the problem. 

YOUR TEAM’S POSTER should be a stand-alone presentation of your method(s) and solution(s).  You should present your work in an organized way so that the judges will be able to follow your solution process and understand your rationale for using particular mathematical techniques and processes. 

JUDGING:  Solutions will be judged based on three criteria:

  • The Math- The mathematics used should be appropriate to the problem and correct.  Creativity and sophistication of the mathematical tools used will also be a factor.
  • Communication- How well the mathematics is explained and supported is an important component of any solution.  The motivation and rationale for the use of a particular tool or for a particular “answer” should be clear.
  • Analysis of Solution- Once you have an answer (or answers) you need to explain the strengths AND limitations of that answer.  The judges will determine to what extent you have effectively understood the strengths and limitations of your approach.


The Hilton Garden Inn is located just south of OSU's campus and only a few blocks from the buildings where the math contest will be held. 

Further Information:

This website will be updated as more information becomes available throughout March, April, and May. Please check here occasionally when you have questions about the plans for the OIMT.