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(541) 737-1379
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KIDD 060
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MW 11:00 am - 11:50 am in MSLC (Kidder 108) and by appointment


Ph.D. in Mathematics, Stanford, 2002
M.S. in Mathematics, Stanford, 2000
B.A. in Mathematics, New York University, 1997


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Probability and Stochastic Processes
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Yevgeniy Kovchegov works in the field of probability and stochastic processes. His research interests include the mathematical models of statistical mechanics, interacting particle systems, models of mathematical biology, stochastic self-similarity, and quantum computation. Kovchegov's work is centered around the following topics: self-similar random trees; extending the probabilistic coupling method; orthogonal polynomials in stochastic processes, probability and statistics; mixing times; quantum walks and quantum computation; chaos and fractals; coalescent processes; applications of probability theory in biological systems, geomorphology, computer and wireless networks, network coding, and environmental sciences.