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Emeritus Professor
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(541) 737-4686
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(541) 737-0517
Kidd 368
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MW, H 1400 - 1450 in Kidder 292A; H 14:00 - 1450 in MLC Kidder 108H beginning April 7. 


Ph.D., Oregon State, 1974


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Image Reconstruction, Transform Theory, and Applied Analysis
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With the advent of modern computers, mathematical techniques can be used to combine information from x-ray pictures of a three-dimensional object, taken from a large number of different directions, and to reconstruct the internal structure of the object. This leads to mathematical questions of practical importance concerning a class of integral transforms known as x-ray and Radon transforms. Solmon has established uniqueness, nonuniqueness, stability and range characterization results for these integral transforms.

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