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Student Event
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
Willamette Seminar Room (Valley Library 3622)

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WSU Vancouver

The annual Induction Ceremony for the Pi Mu Epsilon (PME) National Math Honor Society student chapter will take place Monday, April 9 at noon. After recognizing the individual inductees, we will be treated to an abbreviated undergraduate colloquium talk by Prof. Bala Krishnamoorthy from WSU Vancouver, title and abstract below. Pizza provided!

PME Colloquium Title: Topology and Data


Data is ubiquitous today. It is not a stretch to say that modern life as we know it depends crucially on our ability to extract information and insights from loads and loads of data. We posit that the main hurdle in this challenge is not the size of data, but its complexity. Tools from topology, a field of mathematics traditionally considered pure, have been employed successfully in many such data challenges in the past several years. Through several examples, we will shed light on how topology helps to reveal "hidden" structure from large data sets.