Mini-courses are offered Friday, April 1, 3-5:30 PM for an additional fee.

Teaching and Learning Mathematics from Primary Historical

by David Pengelley, Oregon State University

Abstract: Why would one consider having students learn their mathematics directly from studying primary historical sources? In this hands-on workshop, participants will collaboratively engage in both the student and instructor sides of studying primary sources, in the form of guided student project modules that include mathematical context, original source excerpts, tasks for students, and biography. Multiple project modules from lower division courses for mathematics majors will be tackled, with discussion and evaluation from both the student and instructor points of view. More background via links at

Codes and Ciphers

by Stuart Boersma, Central Washington University & Cheryl Beaver, Western Oregon University

Abstract: The codebreaking competition, KRYPTOS, is the week following the PNW-MAA meeting. Come and hear about KRYPTOS, learn about some ciphers, and test your skills at cryptanalysis! Helpful online cryptanalysis tools will be shared with participants together with some tried and true pencil and paper techniques. This minicourse is designed primarily for students, so please encourage your students to attend!