Conference Program

    Change log from printed version:
  • On the Turan number of forests by Omid Khormali, University of Montana, Session: NUMS II, 11:55.
  • Pathological Continuity: A Zoo of Nowhere-Differentiable Functions by Nathan Taylor, University of Montana, Missoula, Session: General Papers II, 14:05
  • Fractals in Geology: Measuring Intricate Forms by Will Kugler, Klamath Community College, Session: NUMS I: Mathematics Applications, 11:55
  • The Math Behind The Rubik‚Äôs Cube by Garrison Iams, Klamath Community College moved from Session: NUMS VII: History/Math Ed, 14:05 to Session: NUMS I: Mathematics Applications, 11:55.
  • Numerical Inversions of the Broken Ray Transform with fixed initial and terminal directions by Brian Sherson, Oregon State University moved from 14:25 to 14:05.
  • Breaking Bad Symmetries by Gerald Todd, University Of Montana moved from 14:45 to 14:25.
  • Examining Matroids with Unique Addresses by Roger MadPlume, University of Montana moved from 15:05 to 14:45.
  • Updated Room Number for Math Clubs Panel Discussion to be LINC 368.
  • Updated that Willamette Seminar Room is actually on the 3rd floor (but just one flight up from ground level main entrance).

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