Participating in the Putnam Mathematical Competition this past December were: Martin Hiserote, Avary Kolasinski, Aubrey (Robin) Leung, Margaret-Rose (Rosie) Leung, and Ian Milligan.

A total of 4296 students from 546 institutions in the US and Canada participated in this past year. 47% of all participants received zero score out of 120.

Two OSU students in particular deserve special recognition:

  • Our second highest scorer (77th percentile) was
    Martin Hiserote
  • Our top scorer (93rd percentile, or national rank of 294) was
    Ian Milligan

Congratulations to all students for their efforts. Any undergraduate students interested in participating next year should subscribe to the mailing list putnam@lists now in order to receive announcements early in Fall term.

Saturday, April 2, 2011