The PhD qualifying examination in Mathematics is a written examination which roughly covers the material presented in the following core courses: Math 511, Real Analysis; Math 512, Real Analysis; Math 611, Complex Analysis; and Math 543, Abstract Linear Algebra. The qualifying exam is given once each year, usually during the week before classes begin fall term. The qualifying exam is a single examination that is administered in two parts. One part of the exam covers Real Analysis and the other part covers both Complex Analysis and Abstract Linear Algebra. The two parts of the exam are usually given one or two days apart. A student may take the Ph.D. qualifying examination a maximum of two times after having begun graduate studies at OSU . The possible grades for the qualifying examination are 'pass' and 'fail'. In order to receive a passing grade, a student must receive a passing score on both parts of the examination simultaneously.

Questions about the qualifying exam can be directed to the Chair of the Math Graduate Committee, Dr. Mina Ossiander.