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Monday, December 1, 2008 - 08:00
Weniger 153

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CSU San Marcos

Tablet PCs are laptops with a stylus and digital ink that allows quick and easy creation of graphics, drawings, and equations. With wireless networking, these electronic materials can be rapidly shared and easily archived. In this talk, I will describe how these features - combined with appropriate software - can be used in lecture courses, discussion-based courses, and introductory laboratory courses. For instance, using the Ubiquitous Presenter software*, an instructor with a Tablet can ink prepared digital material (such as exported PowerPoint slides) in real time in class. Ink is automatically archived stroke by stroke and can be reviewed, along with the original slides, through a web browser. The system also supports in-class interaction through a web interface - students with web-enabled devices (Tablet PCs, regular laptops, PDAs, and cell phones) can make text- or ink-based submissions on the instructor's slides, or upload screenshots. The instructor can review and then project submitted slides to the class and add additional ink. In addition to describing how we use Tablets, I will present data on student access of archived material, describe the impact on the classroom environment, and provide examples of how these tools shape our classroom practices. This work supported in part by HP Technology for Teaching and Microsoft External Research. *Info on UP can be found at http://up.ucsd.edu and http://physics.csusm.edu/UP