CONTACT to mathweb; send email to mathweb at math dot oregonstate dot edu.

    1. Until after Labor Day (Sept.7) only administrative users will be allowed to log in to the site. Let mathweb know if you need urgent access to the site.
    2. The log-in window is at the bottom of the page under 'OSU Internal Logon'
    3. Your username and password from old website should work unless it was changed very recently. If the password does not work, please request a new one to be sent by email. If you do not receive email, please send email to mathweb.
    1. personal pages maintained by users are listed under 'homepage'. There is no way to link them directly to directories etc.
    2. the display of information on personal pages has a new look not exactly matching the old one. Suggestions to change that are welcome but only limited modifications will be possible.
  • Uploading FILES by authorized users is possible. Caveats:
    1. Files are all dropped off in the top file folder hence to avoid duplicate file names you can either devise your own descriptive file name or live with the names like myschedule_0.pdf.
    2. The name of (some) files will be shown after you upload the file. Unclick 'list' box to prevent "attachment" from showing in a list at the bottom of the webpage.

    Files that need to be loaded to specific folders need to be sent to mathweb or to those with special t:drive access (Deanne Wilcox).

  • Old site can be seen at
    1. Some hard-coded links may point you to the new site: in such a case, try to modify the URL by hand.
    2. We attempted some cleanup during the transition period. Let us know if we inadvertently lost/messed up your information.
    3. Also, there are some items we did not clean up but which may require updates. Let us know.
  • EVENTS, AWARDS, NEWS: they all came from our substantial databases. Some data may have gotten corrupted or could not be easily moved during the transition. In the transition period until Labor Day we will try to correct as much as possible. After Labor Day, please let us know if you notice something that needs work.

    EVENTS/NEWS: (Aug.28.2009) The process of correcting the data record by record has just been completed. Please let us know if something is still amiss.
  • Committee(s) historical information: this will be available later.