• What happened to MTH 355?
    Starting Fall 2022, MTH 310 will be replacing MTH 355:

    MTH 310: Foundations of Mathematics

    Catalog description: Introduces proof writing and focuses on elementary logic and set theory, quantifiers, proof techniques (including mathematical induction), equivalence relations, and functions. Topics include recurrence relations, generating functions, the binomial theorem, and cardinality of sets.

    MTH 310 will be officially “equivalent” to MTH 355 in the system. Any course with MTH 310 as a prerequisite, MTH 355 will work as well (and vice versa). Also, you want to retake MTH 355 to replace a low grade, you can take MTH 310 and the MTH 310 grade will replace the MTH 355 grade.

  • Where is a list of all mathematics courses offered at OSU?
    Course descriptions for all mathematics courses is in the Mathematics Courses section of the OSU catalog. The current and future schedule of any course can be found by clicking on the course number.  The future schedule is subject to change.

  • How do I obtain transfer credit for courses I have taken elsewhere?
    Many courses have already been approved for transfer, and you may search at OSU Transfer Course Search.  If the course appears there,  arrange for your official record to be sent to the OSU Admissions Office.  If the course is not listed there, complete a Transfer Course Equivalency Petition and send it to the OSU department that offers the course. 

  • How do I obtain advanced placement credit? 
    Please refer to OSU Credit Opportunities.

  • Is it possible to obtain credit by examination for mathematics courses?
    We do not administer such examinations.  Credit for MTH 111, 112, 251 and 252 can be earned with a satisfactory score on a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam. For information, consult CLEP

  • Where is information on the Post-Baccalaureate degree?
    Refer to Admission Criteria for Post-Baccalaureate students. The College of Science decides admission at the post-baccalaureate level.

  • What courses are required for a major or minor in mathematics?
    If you are currently a mathematics student then your MyDegrees checklist contains this information.  Other interested students can use the WhatIf tool in MyDegrees. In addition, checklists for undergraduate major and minor degree requirements are at the Degree Programs link.

  • What other courses are required for a mathematics major?
    Your MyDegrees checklist includes all departmental, college, and university requirements. Other interested students can use the WhatIf tool in MyDegrees.

  • What course of study will prepare me to teach secondary-school mathematics?
    Detailed information can be found here.  Mathematics education is one of our areas of specialization. 

  • How do I add or change a mathematics degree? 
    In order to add a degree in mathematics, you must have an advising appointment and obtain an advisor's signature on the Change of Undergraduate Academic Program form.   The completed form should then be taken to the College of Science office in Kidder 128 for the Head Advisor's signature, then finally submitted to the Registrar's Office in Kerr Administration, room B102.

  • I am a mathematics major. Are there any courses that I cannot S/U?
    You may not S/U any requirement in the mathematics major. This includes Physics 211 and any course used for the College of Science requirements. If you are in the Secondary Teaching Emphasis option, you may not S/U any courses used to fulfill the requirements of that option. A maximum of 36 credits graded on the S/U basis may be used for a baccalaureate degree at OSU. Refer to  OSU Academic Regulation 18 - Alternative Grading Systems.

  • Which Bacc Core courses are offered online?
    A list of Bacc Core courses offered by OSU's e-campus can be found here.