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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 03:00 to 03:30
GRAF 306

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Oregon State University

Barley/cereal yellow dwarf virus (B/CYDV) is a suite of aphid-vectored
pathogens that affect diverse host communities, including
economically-important crops. Coinfection of a single host by multiple
strains of B/CYDV can result in elevated virulence, incidence, and
transmission rates. We construct and analyze models for a single--host, two--pathogen
strains, and n vector species, modeled by systems of
nonlinear ordinary differential equations. A single parameter describes the
degree of relatedness of the strains and the amount of cross-protection
between them.

We compute the basic and type reproduction numbers for the model and
analytically prove the (conditional) stability of the disease-free
equilibrium. We demonstrate numerically that, although the basic
reproduction number describes stability of the disease-free equilibrium, the
type reproduction numbers better describe the individual behavior of each
strain and the dynamics of coinfection. We then conduct a sensitivity
analysis of the components of the endemic equilibrium and confirm that the
disease transmission rates play a large role in the equilibrium prevalences
of infection and coinfection.