The Talk

As soon as you are able, and preferably at least two weeks before your talk please email Radu Dascaliuc (dascalir at oregonstate . edu) your title and abstract. Your talk will be advertised here. Please let Radu know if anything seems amiss.

Our colloquiuia are held in either Kidder 350 or Kidder 364. Each room is equipped with a large chalkboard, a document cam, and a computer with projector. If using the projector, you may bring your talk on a memory stick, or bring your own laptop to connect. We recommend also emailing the talk to yourself as a precaution against rare technology malfunctions.

We have a colloquium tea before the talk with coffee, tea, cookies, and popcorn at 3:30 in the faculty lounge located on the 3rd floor of Kidder Hall in room 302. This provides an opportunity to meet faculty and graduate students in the department before the talk.

The OSU math department includes faculty, instructors, and graduate students of diverse mathematical backgrounds. We kindly request that your talk be

About 45 minutes in length, to leave time for questions
Aimed at a general audience
Accessible to graduate students

Please feel free to contact Radu Dascaliuc (dascalir at oregonstate . edu) with any questions or concerns.


The mathematics department at Oregon State is located in Kidder Hall, on the corner of Campus Way and Waldo Ave. (See maps)

(By Plane)

The closest airport to Corvallis, is Eugene (EUG), but it is usually cheaper to fly into Portland (PDX). There is a shuttle called HUT that travels between PDX and OSU. The shuttle price is $85 round trip.

Reservations may be made by contacting Teel's Travel Planners  (local area541-758-0808, toll free:1-800-233-3225, fax:  541-758-0814, or email:  Teel's are able to bill any of airfare, HUT shuttle, or a rental car from Enterprise directly to the mathematics department, so long as the total is under $400. You will need to tell the agent that the travel will be billed to the mathematics department, with contact Deanne Wilcox.

(By Car)

If you will be driving by car, please let us know in advance and if able we will send you a parking pass to park in the faculty lots. The faculty parking lots nearest to Kidder Hall are on Monroe street between 14th and 23rd. In addition to these lots, there is a guest lot on Jefferson and 15th. If you park there, please keep your original receipt for reimbursement.


If you require lodging while visiting Corvallis, please contact Deanne Wilcox (Deanne.Wilcox at oregonstate dot edu) with the dates of your travel, and she will make you a reservation. Some lodging options close to campus are the Harrison House, and the Hilton Garden Inn.


With our current budget we regretfully can normally only reimburse total expenses up to $400, although on occasion the chair has approved more in special circumstances.

In order to be reimbursed, please email Deanne Wilcox (Deanne.Wilcox at oregonstate dot edu) the following information

SSN (This can be given by phone or in person when you are here)

Deanne will need original receipts for all items to be reimbursed. If they are not available at the time of the talk, they may be mailed afterward to

Deanne Wilcox
Department of Mathematics
Kidder Hall 368, OSU
Corvallis Oregon 97331-4605

Please feel free to email Deanne or call at 541-737-5135 with any questions.

General information

In addition, see Information for visitors to OSU for general information about visiting the Oregon State University campus.