To honor the enormous contribution that Lee Segel made to the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology and the field of mathematical biology as a whole, Springer, in partnership with the Society of Mathematical Biology (SMB), funds a biennial prize for the best student paper, published in the previous two years in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.

The winning paper for 2012 is co-authored By Vrushali Bokil and Carrie Manore (Math, Tulane U.) along with their collaborators Elizabeth Borer (Ecology, U. Minnesota), Parviez Hosseini (EcoHealth Alliance, NY) and Sean Moore (CDC/NCAR). The Lee Segel Prize was awarded at theĀ  Annual Meeting of the SMB in July 2012 where Carrie Manore gave a Plenary talk on the paper. Details are available at SMB2012 Lee Segel Prize and on NimBios

Sunday, September 23, 2012