Q:  What kind of calculator do I need for mathematics classes at OSU?

A:  The following courses require at least a scientific calculator

      Graphing calculators are OK in these courses, but not necessary:

       MTH 105, MTH 211, MTH 212, MTH 390.

       The following courses require a graphing calculator: (Note: A scientific calculator may be required for exams in the following courses.)

       MTH 103, MTH 111, MTH 112, MTH 241, MTH 245, MTH 251, MTH 252.

Q:  If I am taking a course requiring a graphing calculator, do I need a specific make or model?

A:  NO. If you already have a graphing calculator and know how to use it, then it should be fine for most mathematics courses requiring a graphing calculator. However, be aware that most students on our campus use either Texas Instruments or Hewlett Packard model calculators and this makes it easier to find someone who can answer a question if you have one.

Q:  If I am getting ready to buy a graphing calculator, what models are recommended?

 A:  If you plan to eventually take Mth 251 or higher, then you might want to consider one of the following calculators (with features that may be also useful to you in higher level mathematics courses or in science or engineering courses).

       These include: TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-89, or HP-40G, HP-50G, HP-Prime Graphing Wireless.

Q:  Are there any restrictions to the use of calculators in mathematics classes?

 A:  Some instructors restrict the use of calculators in certain situtaions. Check with the instructor about his/her policy.

Q:  Will the calculator I buy for my mathematics classes be adequate for other courses in my major?

 A:  Check with an advisor in your major department. Some majors may require a calculator with more features than are needed for your required mathematics courses. Other majors or instructors in other departments may restrict or ban the use of computers in all or parts of their courses.