Dr. Vrushali A. Bokil

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Oregon State University

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Office: Kidder 048
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Tel: (541) 737-2609
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Department of Mathematics
368 Kidder Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97330


Professor Bokil received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Houston in 2003 under the direction of Dr. Roland Glowinski. Before coming to Oregon State University, she was a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Research in Scientific Computation at North Carolina State University , under the mentorship of Dr. H.T. Banks.

Dr. Bokil was an executive committee member of the Ecosystems Informatics NSF-IGERT program at Oregon State University from 2006 till 2009.

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Department of Mathematics
Oregon State University


  • Dr. Bokil is a member of the organizing committee of the CGRB Spring Conference to be held at the CH_2M Hill Alumni Center on Oregon State University Campus on Friday, April 27, 2018.

  • Dr. Bokil has two papers recently accepted for publication
    1. V. A. Bokil, Y. Cheng, Y. Jiang, F. Li and P. Sakkaplangkul, High Spatial Order Energy Stable FDTD Methods for Maxwell's Equations in Nonlinear Optical Media in One Dimension, accepted, Journal of Scientific Computing, 2018.
    2. V. A. Bokil, H. T. Banks, D. Cioranescu and G. Griso A Multiscale Method for Computing Effective parameters of composite electromagnetic materials with memory effects, accepted, Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 2018.

  • Dr. Bokil is chair of the organizing committee of the ICERM topical workshop, Computational Aspects of Time Dependent Electromagnetic Wave Problems in Complex Materials (June 25-29, 2018)..

  • Dr. Bokil has been awarded an ADVANCE Fellowship for Winter-Spring 2018.

  • Dr. Bokil has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.

  • Dr. Bokil's research in mathematical biology is in the news. See Mathematical Biology Tackles Destructive Plant Virus.

Notre Dame, Paris, France, Sept 2016

Research interests

Dr. Bokil's general research interests are in the areas of numerical analysis and scientific computing. She is primarily interested in numerical methods in computational electromagnetics, including finite difference and finite element methods, fictitious domain methods, homogenization techniques and construction and discretization of perfectly matched layers. Dr. Bokil is also interested in problems in mathematical biology and epidemiology that involve aspects of population dynamics and spatial ecology. Her work in this area involves modeling, analysis and simulation of both deterministic and stochastic models for disease spread.