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Applied Mathematics and Computation Journal Club
Monday, January 10, 2011 - 04:00
ROG 332

AMC Journal Club meets in Winter biweekly on Mondays at noon in ROG 332. Faculty involved: Bokil, Gibson, Ossiander, Peszynska, Showalter. See http://www.math.oregonstate.edu/amc_journal for more information. This year we discuss articles on mathematical modeling of fluid dynamics and chemical reactions at multiple scales and with multiple resolution, infectious diseases, criminal behavior, crowd dynamics, cancer growth,  model reduction, approximation theory, multipole methods,  multilevel Monte-Carlo methods, semiconductor modeling, and many others.

Today's assignemnt is E, Weinan ; Liu, Di ; Vanden-Eijnden, Eric . Nested stochastic simulation algorithm for chemical kinetic systems with disparate rates, J. Chem. Phys. 123, 194107 (2005) (a longer paper on a similar topic was published simultaneously in E, Weinan ; Liu, Di ; Vanden-Eijnden, Eric . Analysis of multiscale methods for stochastic differential equations. Comm. Pure Appl. Math. 58 (2005), no. 11, 1544--1585.)

Second paper is Higham, Desmond J. Modeling and simulating chemical reactions. SIAM Rev. 50 (2008), no. 2, 347--368.