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Mathematical Biology Seminar
Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 04:00
GRAF 306

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We consider a class of problems involving logistic type growth subject to random disturbances. The state 0 is an obvious fixed point and we seek necessary and sufficient conditions for convergence to a non-trivial steady state. This is accomplished by a combination of Diacconis-Freedman theory of `contractions on average', together with a theory of Lyapounov stability, neither of which is sufficient on its own. General models from this class were originally introduced to analyze the recovery of populations subject to large random disturbances, e.g., fire, insect infestations, etc., including ongoing biological experiments at OSU of Dr. Heather Linz and Conner Olsen.  This is a followup to a talk on this topic from last year based on joint work with Dr. Scott Peckham, University of Colorado, Boulder.   This seminar also provides a preview to the nature  of Math 524 for next term.  Graduate students curious about Mth 524 are encouraged to attend, schedules permitting.