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Department Colloquium
Tuesday, February 25, 2003 - 04:00

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Oregon State University

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) is an innovative model in science education. Student-leaders (peers) guide the activities of small groups of students in weekly workshop meetings. The students work through challenging problems that are designed to be solved cooperatively. The peer leaders are trained to ensure that the students are actively and productively engaged with the material and with each other. This methodology offers a number of educational opportunities:  The supportive format encourages questions and discussions that lead to conceptual understanding.  Students learn to work in teams and to communicate more effectively.  Peer leaders learn teaching and group management skills. I will be discussing the PLTL model and how it could be implemented. We will also visit some research results of studies done on both the students and the peer leaders and I will talk about how I am using this model in the math education courses.