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Topology Seminar
Monday, April 9, 2012 - 05:00
Gilkey 115

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City University of New York - Staten Island

Quasi-Fuchsian three-manifolds form an important class of complete hyperbolic three-manifolds. For fixed genus $g$ greater than one, the space of such three-manifolds is of complex dimension of $6g-6$, twice of the dimension of Teichmuller space. Within this space, there is a special class (which form an open subspace) called almost-Fuchsian manifolds. This subclass can be parameterized by the unique incompressible minimal surface in each almost Fuchsian manifold. This allows us to apply tools in minimal surface theory, Teichmuller theory and other analytic techniques to obtain results on the geometry of such manifolds. Results are based on joint works of Guo-Huang-Wang, and Huang-Wang. Open problems will lso be discussed.