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Department Colloquium
Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - 09:00
Kidd 364 (<b>NOTE: unusual time</b>)

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Seattle University

Most mathematics instructors expect their students to answer questions in class. The purpose of this teaching technique is to more actively engage the student. One of the drawbacks to this method is that many times a small group of students answers all of the questions before other students have a chance to process the material. Eric Mazur a physics professor at Harvard University initially designed a model for asking conceptual questions of every student. In order to facilitate classroom discussion for all students I have incorporated a model of asking conceptual questions in class that allows all students to process the material. I have also helped write a bank of these types of questions for Calculus concepts. During this talk I will discuss the history of these types of questions, model this method for the attendees (yes, that means that I expect you to bring your thinking caps), as well as discuss some data that has been collected at Cornell University.