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HW assignments (3 possible scores: 0 if mostly wrong answers, or not turned in, 1 for some wrong and some right answers, 2 for mostly right answers):
HW 1 (due Fr 09/29): 19.1g and m, 19.5e, 19.11, 19.15, 20.4, 20.6 Solutions.
HW 2 (due Fr 10/06): 20.7a and b, 20.8, 20.12a,b and c, 20.14, 20.15 Solutions
HW 3 (due 10/13): 19.1i,k,n, 21.1b (but use the right endpoints as in the lecture notes) and 21.6 Solutions
HW 4 (due Fr 10/20): No HW this week. Prepare for the midterm!
HW5 (due Fr 10/27): 22.3c,f, 22.4b,e, 22.7,23.1d,23.7,23.8e Solutions
HW6 (due Fr 11/03):23.3, 23.7,23.8a,c,23.9b Solutions
HW7 (due Mon 11/13):23.10, do the 2 exercises at the end of p33 in the lecture notes, 25.1,25.2,25.3.
HW8 (due Fr 11/17): no HW
HW9 (due Wed 11/22): no HW Happy Thanksgiving!
HW10 (Wed 11/29): 25.4 a and c (only find the mean which is same as the expectation), 25.7 (b and c). Do the 2 exercise on p.49-50, and on p. 55 of the lecture notes. Solutions