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Picture of Noah Prentice

Noah Prentice

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics

Noah Prentice

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics

I grew up in suburban Takoma Park, Maryland, I lived in Kodaikanal, India for a couple of years, and I have lived permanently in Berea, Kentucky since then. I went for my undergraduate degree at Kalamazoo College, where I studied math, philosophy, and German.

I like a lot of things, including but not limited to

  • Petting cats,
  • Seeing and exploring nature (especially Appalachia),
  • Doing/reading/discussing math, logic, and philosophy,
  • Watching movies and listening to music.

Mathematical interests

I've loved math since the third grade. Until my third year of college, this was because I was good at it and enjoyed the puzzle-solving process. Once I started taking proof-writing courses, I loved math for the same reason, but also because I genuinely found the subject matter interesting.

Nowadays, I'm mostly interested in areas of algebra and applied analysis. In particular, the study of partial differential equations and mathematical applications to fluid dynamics, such as the Navier-Stokes equations.

Philosophical interests

I got into philosophy in undergrad. The college had professors from both the analytic and continental side of the discipline, but I ended up falling pretty stably into the analytic side.

Within that side, my interests are quite widespread: epistemology and metaphysics are perhaps my favorite broad areas, but I also loved doing logic and I've really enjoyed my cursory readings in the philosophy of education. Recently, I've submitted a paper for publication with my old logic professor on how to teach the truth table for the material conditional to introductory logic students.


B.A. Mathematics, Kalamazoo College, 2023

B.A. Philosophy, Kalamazoo College, 2023

B.A. German Studies, Kalamazoo College, 2023