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Opportunities for Graduate Students

Opportunities for Graduate Students

The department maintains an opportunities page and archive where we post links and information about various current events and professional opportunities for graduate students available both on our campus and elsewhere.

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Graduate awards

Our department encourages and awards graduate student excellence. We nominate and select students for the following awards

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    Job opportunities

    Mathematics graduate students looking for employment should consider the following fundamental resources.

    Department and university events for graduate students

    You are welcome to attend various events organized by the department, Graduate School, and University. Some require registration, so please watch out for the deadlines, and department calendar.

    • Fall: First year student orientation events.
    • Every Term: First year (open to all) math grads seminar on teaching, and mathematics as a career development.
    • Winter: Professional development night for careers in mathematical sciences.
    • Winter: Lasagna Dinner potluck and competition.
    • Spring: Graduate student-Graduate Committee meeting.

    Conferences, workshops, internships, and summer schools

    Graduate students are encouraged to participate in a variety of professional activities on campus and elsewhere, with various travel support available.

    Awards and scholarships

    There is a variety of scholarships and fellowships available for incoming students, and prospective students are considered for these. Some are administered by Graduate School, and some are administered by College of Science. Deadlines and rules are communicated by Graduate Committee.

    Discuss with your advisor if you are interested in being nominated for an OSU Graduate School Award.