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Emerald Stacey presenting research

Faculty members have diverse research interests that include algebra, analysis, computational and applied mathematics, financial mathematics and actuarial science, geometry, mathematics education, number theory, numerical analysis, probability, and topology.

The department has participated for many years in the National Science Foundation summer REU program. In addition, graduate students and advanced math majors often work with a faculty members on special research projects and papers.

Our department has membership in the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and the Rocky Mountain Consortium (see the Summer school).

Research Areas

Algebra/Number Theory


Analysis and Applied Mathematics




Mathematical Biology


Mathematics Education


Numerical Analysis

2021 REU cohort

Research opportunities for undergraduates

We strongly encourage our undergraduates to seek out research opportunities! Reach out to one of the many research groups around the College for hands-on experience that won't only change how you think about your coursework, but might even make a difference in the world. You can even get paid to do research through our math Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program or from other College- or university-sponsored programs.