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Diversity and Inclusion

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Our values and acknowledgments

The Department of Mathematics at OSU sees its role within the framework of a land-grant public research university as helping to create and promote knowledge in mathematics and to prepare all students with the mathematical literacy necessary to succeed in the modern world. As such, we acknowledge systemic failures within higher education, at OSU, and the mathematics community, to engage Black, Latina/o/x/e, and Indigenous peoples, as well as other traditionally underrepresented groups in mathematics.

We commit to listen, learn, and evolve so that we can identify and change the systems and structures that contribute to this lack of inclusiveness. Our goal is to create a climate in which people from any background feel invited and welcome to join in creating and promoting knowledge and the appreciation of mathematics. By establishing a welcoming community of faculty, staff and students, in all their departmental roles, that draws on the diversity present in the state, the country, and the world, we can develop and share meaningful mathematical ideas that equip and empower our students with the tools for success at OSU and beyond.

Adopted on May 4, 2021

23-24 Diversity Equity Justice Access and Inclusion Committee (DEJAI Committee)

  • Chad Giusti
  • Ren Guo
  • Samantha Hubbard
  • Liz Jones
  • Holly Swisher (chair September 2023- December 2023)
  • Samantha McGee (chair)
  • Brandi Whiteman


The Diversity Equity Justice Access and Inclusion Committee has generated a list of resources for personal learning about DEJAI work, including links to organizations dedicated to increasing diverse representation in mathematics and professional development opportunities, including conference opportunities and resources for DEJAI teaching. This committee work is situated in a larger effort by the College of Science to enhance diversity, racial justice and inclusion in science. Oregon State University as a whole is also dedicated to institutional diversity and combating systemic racism.