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Mathematics Outreach

Sarah Hagen presenting in front of a projector.

Sarah Hagen gives a π Day talk in the Corvallis Public Library. Image courtesy of CPL.

Mathematics engagement makes a difference

Many members of our department are enthusiastic about engaging in mathematics outside of Oregon State with the broader community. One of our goals is to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics by sharing our excitement via engaging mathematical activities. These activities can also highlight the social aspects of mathematical investigation. One of the best ways to do math is with a group of people. We are dedicated to communicating to as many humans as possible.

If you would like to talk to someone on our outreach team or would like to participate in an upcoming event we are already hosting - please contact us at

Collage of different Mathematics outreach activities, including students learning, games, and interacting with children

Mathematics faculty and students are deeply engaged with local communities to make mathematics more social and accessible.

Oregon Invitational Math Tournament

The OIMT (Oregon Invitational Mathematics Tournament) is an opportunity for the best and the brightest high school mathematics students in Oregon to come together for a day of competition, learning, and fun!