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Master's Program in Mathematics

Michael Lopez writing equations on blackboard.

After 10 years as a U.S. Marine, Michael Lopez followed his two passions: mathematics and teaching. With a B.S. and then M.S. from Oregon State, Michael is now an instructor at Linn Benton Community College.

A strong foundation for the workforce or an advanced degree

This program initiates students into graduate-level study of mathematics. For many, it is the place to begin graduate work. The two-year program is designed to provide both breadth and depth in mathematics. Students completing the Master's program are prepared to proceed into the workforce, enter a Ph.D. program in the mathematical sciences, or to pursue an advanced degree in an allied discipline. Breadth is attained through completing a specified number of "core" courses, while depth is normally attained by writing an expository paper or a thesis. (There is also an exam option.) Students may receive a MA degree rather than an MS by showing proficiency in a language other than English.

Current OSU undergraduates

Get a head start with the Accelerated Master's Platform. Current Oregon State Mathematics majors can earn a master's degree within one year of finishing a bachelor's by taking graduate classes in mathematics.

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Masters program learning outcomes

The Mathematics Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Arts (M.A.) program learning outcomes are:

  1. Graduates will conduct research or produce some other form of creative work, as evidenced by the writing of a thesis, a paper, or of mathematical solutions and proofs of posed problems and propositions.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate mastery of subject material, as evidenced by quality of performance in coursework, and on written and/or oral comprehensive examinations in mathematics.
  3. Graduates will be able to communicate mathematical ideas, results, context, and background effectively and professionally in written and oral form.
  4. Graduates will be able to conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner.