The Department of Mathematics offers graduate programs leading to the M.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, with research emphasis possible in a variety of areas within pure and applied mathematics and in mathematics education.

The department currently has about 70 graduate students, of which 55 hold Graduate Teaching Assistantships or Fellowships. The department awards 15 to 20 new graduate assistantship appointments annually. For prospective and current students, various recruitment and achievement awards and scholarships are available through the College of Science and the Graduate School.

Graduate students participate in core mathematics classes as well as in interdisciplinary research, education, and professional development projects and programs, including actuarial science.

Our faculty regularly participate in SACNAS, and our department is a part of The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences, which builds a national community of students, faculty and staff to ensure that every underrepresented or underserved American student with talent and ambition has the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical science. Students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to contact Graduate Committee for information on a variety of scholarships available.

Detailed information on our program is available in the Graduate Degree Programs page. Information for prospective students is available on these pages: Prospective Student Information and Application Instructions.

OSU undergraduate mathematics students can consider applying to the Accelerated Master's Platform in Mathematics.

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